11th of May 2024 - Reus, Spain
1385km / 24500m+
925km / 16400m+

Welcome to the second edition of Kromvojoj.

The start date will be Saturday 11th of May 2024 20PM in Reus, Tarragona.

Registration fee 240 euros.



Before registering, please read the rules of participation carefully:

  1. Always respect the environment, leaving no trace of our passage; and the rest of the riders.
  2. Always respect the traffic regulations.
  3. It is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding. Front and rear lights, as well as a reflective vest when riding at night or in poor visibility. You must carry an insulated blanket in your bike bag.
  4. Contract personal insurance with coverage for civil liability and in case of accident, emergency rescue, death or repatriation.
  5. Complete the route proposed by the organization in the direction indicated.
  6. The tracker device must always be switched on.
  7. The route must be completed on a bicycle by human effort only.
  8. All participants must be self-sufficient, no assistance may be received.
  9. In case of need, medical or mechanical assistance can be provided, if necessary we authorise the use of another transport. If you wish to continue the route, you must return to the point where you left the route.
  10. Drafting it is not allowed, except for those who participate in pairs. 11. Read and study carefully the riders manual that will be sent to all registered participants.



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