11th of May 2024 - Reus, Spain
1385km / 24500m+
925km / 16400m+

Our aim is for ‘Kromvojoj’ to offer an ultra-distance and self-sufficient cycling experience in a territory with unique characteristics. Catalonia has a rich landscape, connected by an extensive network of secondary roads that lead us through historic villages, with great cultural diversity, so participants will have countless opportunities to absorb this richness and this is what really matters to us.

Kromvojoj is a word that comes from Esperanto and describes possible and diverse paths. A definition that fits with what our project aims to demonstrate. Our proposal, although based on a single mandatory route from start to finish, adopts its name because it puts the focus on the essential; the cycling community, one’s own and shared experiences.

As part of the cycling community, we advocate common sense and belonging to something bigger. A collective that collaborates, contributes, and improves the experience of others through our own actions. That is why we will not dictate any rules other than those stipulated in the highway code, which is mandatory.

The Kromvojoj is a place to share and reflect on early cycling adventures. Long before stage cycling as we understand it today was created, cyclists had to set out on their own path for adventure rather than competition.

At a time when everything is going at high speed, we offer a space where you can find a break and pedal at your own pace. The only pressure is your own, so simply enjoy your struggle without losing sight of your origins.

Ultra-distance cycling tests us, confronts us with our ghosts, pain and pushes us to our limits. All this through overcoming distant goals. So sometimes the beauty of what surrounds us can be distorted.

To make it a little easier, we want to share with you a basic guide:

  1. Enjoy your experience.
    The bicycle is your ally, it transports you, but it also helps you to live, to experience, and to share. Pamper it as it deserves and never lose your smile.
  2. Feel the origins.
    Think that before you, many people have gone through the same thing. Feel that you are part of that group, that your struggles are shared. Keep moving ahead; there is always a solution.
  3. Share your experience with the cycling community.
    Your experience is unique and will help others to learn and join the adventure. Share, toast and laugh, because what you live and transmit, only you can do.
  4. Respect the environment and those around you.
    Leave no trace, we should be mere spectators, so do not make a mess or leave traces that need the action of others to erase them.
    Those around us also have experiences to share: interact kindly.
    We will not tolerate discriminatory or defamatory attitudes of any kind. We reject any type of behaviour or comment based on sexism or misogyny, homophobia, and/or xenophobia. We demand respect for all people, animals, and the environment itself.
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