11th of May 2024 - Reus, Spain
1385km / 24500m+
925km / 16400m+

Our goal through Sponsoreco is to promote diversity within long distance cycling events, as we believe that there are still many barriers that result in low participation of people in underrepresented groups. As organizers, we are responsible for implementing measures to motivate cyclists to join and participate in Kromvojoj. An event with an inclusive character where everyone should feel safe and welcome.

We believe that there are still many aspects that need to evolve in this sport and we want to join our efforts to make it happen. With this, we seek to encourage diversity in aspects of gender, ethnicity and non-normative bodies, for example. As well as supporting those with lower incomes when registration fees are an obstacle to their participation. We would love Kromvojoj to be a gateway to the world of ultradistance for young cyclists with no experience in this world.

In addition to all these aspects, we look forward to receiving constructive feedback that will help us to further develop this project within Kromvojoj and achieve a healthy and inclusive cycling / bikepacking scene.

What does Sponsoreco offer?

We have 5 places granted through free registration for our third edition in 2024. We will guarantee the visibility of these riders before, during and after the event through our social networks, subscribers, and through our media partner.

We are currently trying to establish an agreement with our sponsors to provide material to Sponsoreco participants and, finally, we would like to be able to support with travel expenses to the starting line. However, these aspects still need to be confirmed for 2024.

The five places for 2024 have already been awarded.
Your request will be effective for 2025.


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